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Metal Technical About Us

Who We Are

Metal Technical Office. Is a promising dynamic trading agency and consulting company located in Cairo, Egypt.
Our filed of activities are diverse of trading & marketing of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous’ raw material, Semi-finished, Finished products beside improving a new division for steel machinery, special machine’s spare parts made of Bronze, and various components for white goods industries. 

Founder of the firm is Mr. Emad Ezzat Yassa who is depending on great and wide experiences over fifteen years of work in the field of metallurgic trade characteristics. Also, he has worked with numerous clients and suppliers all over the world achieving excellent and good reputation inside and outside the country.
The Company has a special expert for trading and marketing of flat products to Egypt market.


Our privileged relationships with a large number of integrated steel' rolling mill, service centers, and machine producers worldwide all serve the main purpose of providing personalized solutions to confident. The accuracy of quality, delivery time & perfect after sales’ services is our gears to reach our target ambition which is occupied by the satisfaction of our customers. It’s all about What Customer's need and when.